Hey there SOULdier-preneur! ‘Tis I, Donna, The Essence Muse, and I want to help you build your BRAND EMPIRE so you can attract your soul-mate clients and make your impact in the world!

How? By making you look like a million bucks! ;)

What’s the secret sauce? No secret here! Just good ol’ determination to help you translate that wonderful ESSENCE of yours into a vibrant online brand (with a one of a kind website) so that you can be your authentic self on your digital home, as you are in person.

See, SOULdier, I have a big mission to fulfill! And this cannot be done without you. And here’s why…

With your message and offerings and with my ability to help you shine online, we can make a powerful team that can make an impactful vision become a REALITY!

I believe that as entrepreneurs, we have the PRIVILEGE to have a platform where we can speak our minds and be heard. But with that privilege comes a RESPONSIBILITY for us to share our message and use it to create positive change in the world.

So you see… I can’t do this without you!

With me by your side to help you create an iconic brand and launch your gifts, we can both contribute to the world the way our hearts desire so! Now that’s what I call an ultimate WIN-WIN!

I also believe that the key to having a successful brand is to communicate your soul’s purpose with the intention of being AUTHENTIC, CONCISE and CONGRUENT with who you truly are.

So I guess you can say, I’m also very passionate about helping you live in your fullest expression – UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

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My creative career path

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Methods To My Madness

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As the Essence Muse, I strive to be a nurturing bridge between you and those you serve.

I believe we’re all on this journey together. In the end, we are all striving to be the best version of ourselves so that we can share our gifts at their highest and fullest potential. We all want to create from our hearts, serve through our creativity and see others succeed.

We are each other’s muses and I’d be honored to be yours.

“Donna Arrogante is truly The Essence Muse! She has an amazing ability to capture your true voice. I am forever grateful for her help with translating my essence and developing my authentic brand. She is not only professional, but she is purpose driven, soulful, intuitive and beyond knowledgeable in her expertise!”

Aubrey Elizaga, Conscious Nutritionist & Yogi



Allow me to work my magic on you and launch your gifts out to the world!

Be Guided


I will teach and guide you to launch the brand of your dreams!

When it comes to branding, web design and graphic arts, she is second to none. We recommend you get to know her and work with her if you want a high end brand and website.”

Allyn Reid, Co-founder of Sherpa Press