As a part of my "Foundation Crew", I wanted to THANK YOU by answering your questions in hopes they will help you elevate your online brand. I've included links, photos and references to my research so that you don't have to waste time figuring out the process on your own. (I am not an affiliate of any of the links I am about to present to you.)

I had a lot of fun putting this together for you, so ENJOY!

Why do you want to help visionary entrepreneurs with their online brands?

I have always been in love with telling stories and learning through stories. I believe that stories keep the human spirit alive, give us hope and teach us valuable lessons. To me, this is what branding is all about.  

I’m grateful that I’ve invested a lot of time to gain the knowledge and experience working on some of the biggest brands in the world. But ever since I’ve decided to rewrite my own story and help other people tell theirs, people who I believe are going to elevate our communities, I knew I was pursuing something greater than myself. It felt right and my fears are easier to manage whenever I think about being of service.

Why “The Essence Muse”?

My approach is driven by my intuition.  Yes, I can create just about anything with Photoshop (blindfolded) and I am obssessed with the art of branding. But my #1 secret sauce weapon is simply, my intuition. I channel my own creative muse to guide me with my projects. Therefore I use the concept of being that same guide for my clients. I strive to become that creative instrument for them to translate their essence into digital form.

What’s with the sunflower?


It’s always been a significant icon in my life and it symbolizes vitality, joy, comfort and confidence. As they stretch outward to absorb the energy of the sun, they exude radiance.  Just like our spirits and our hearts. When we allow beautiful energy to flow through us, we expand and become the fullest expressions of ourselves.  This is why I’m so passionate about helping entrepreneurs with their brands. Helping them explore and define the truest and best versions of themselves give me so much fulfillment!

How did you come up with your color palette for your site?

I wanted a palette that conveyed my vibrant energy.  I don’t ever take myself too seriously and I enjoy being a source of positivity for everyone in my life (like a sunflower), so it was important for me to demonstrate this in my brand. 

How did you create your landing page?

I wanted something unique for my landing page so I didn’t use a platform and designed it myself. But I also had to hire a programmer to make it work.

This might sound disappointing to you and I wish it was from platform that anyone can create from. This was a delibirate decision that I made because I wanted to make a statement about my brand. I wanted to show that I think differently and that I'm capable of creating elegantly hand-crafted web designs for my clients.

If you want to hire a designer to create something custom for you, then do something out of the box and intriguing while keeping in mind the principles of what makes successful converting squeeze page.

The source code for the site is also open for the taking so you have my (and my programmer's) blessing to dissect it.

I designed it in Photoshop and made sure all the content stayed within 960pixels across and the call to action to watch the video was above the average fold.

Prior to creating my own design, I took a few tips from
Click HERE to watch the video.

The key ideas I took away from the video is to create a descriptive opt in headline and let your face and body face the direction of your opt in form to direct the eye to it.

I used Aweber as my email marketing platform.

Who took your photos?

I had a DIY adventure photo shoot with my significant other, which also served as a fun date for us since we’re so busy pursuing our dreams! We explored around a neighborhood that had stylish front gates and sneaked some shots in front of them. Yes, ninja style!

I also created a moodboard for my shoot to guide me with selecting outfits and made sure the colors complimented the look and feel for my website.

What camera did you use for your shoot?

I invested in a Canon 70D with a 50mm f/1.4 lens. The body by itself cost $1,099 and the lens is $399.  I thought that this camera is really affordable and can produce professional looking photos and videos. The lens is great for the shallow depth of field effect. (That focused foreground, blurry background look.)

A couple of photography tips:
- Plan to shoot during the “golden hours”, which is mid afternoon to early evening when there are less harsh shadows from the sun. This will even out the lighting around your face.
- Since SLR cameras are becoming easier to use, partner up with someone you trust and can feel very comfortable with. Your connection will bring out your essence more naturally.

Links for the camera and lens:
Canon 70D
50 mm f/1.4 Lens

Is it the same camera you used for your video?

YES! The reason why I got this camera is because of the auto focus feature. I shot my video alone, with no one behind the camera manually trying to keep me in focus! It’s super effective and I recommend it to vloggers.

Here's the review on YouTube that won me over:

Did you use a mic?

Yes I did. I used a combination of a shotgun mic and a wireless system. I didn’t like the look of having a lavalier mic attached to my shirt, so I tested out a few other options. The one I kept is the RODE Video Mic PRO. It costs $225 on Amazon and the investment is soooo worth it if not hearing that hissing sound is like music to your ears!

I attached that mic into a wireless mic system. The one I chose is the Samsun Airline Micro Wireless Mic System. It’s also $299, but it is next best thing and half the price of the best system in the market, which is the Sennheiser ($600). 

With the mic plugged into the camera, I was able to take the video file and start editing, without synching the audio with the video. Yay!

Samsun Airline Micro Wireless Mic System

Reviews that won me over:
Samsun Airline
RODE Video Mic PRO

What did you use to edit the video?

(I think it's obvious by now that I'm a Jacqueline of all trades).

I used Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects. The cuts of video could also be accomplished with iMovie.  I used After Effects for the graphics fading in and out, as well as the outro. The animation of the outro was from a template I bought from and I replaced the logo & color palette with mine and added other important messaging.

The background music is from

I uploaded the video to Vimeo and made sure I created a custom design for the landing frame.

The ratio of the video frame is 16:9 so create your image at 1000x563, 1600x900 or 1920x1080

How was it like creating your first opt-in offer?

I had so many ideas for this offer and I honestly could have kept it shorter. But I wanted to give an idea of what I'm capable of offering. I am a pretty versitle branding expert, both a brainstorm maniac and visionary designer, so I wanted to convey my passion for both the brain and beauty aspects of branding.

I received a ton of helpful advice about my guide and I'm so grateful for those who took the time to send me a private message. I have implemented some of the suggestions so if you would like to download the new and improved guide, you can

Do you have availability to work together?

I am (fortunately) fully booked at the moment, but I am looking forward to connecting with new soul mate clients in a few months! I would love for you to have first dibs, so please fill out the form below and if the stars align, we will talk soon!

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