Personal Brand Development

Sally Hogshead’s “How To Fascinate”
Learn your personality archetype and how you can stand out, become a powerful influence and add more value just by being MORE of yourself. I’ve had the opportunity to do this test and it’s allowed me to express my unique qualities that I now utilize as the force behind my brand.

Brand Yourself:

When it comes to having an online presence, your story is everything. Believe it or not, there’s information available about you on the Internet that you probably didn’t know about or can’t manage, that can taint your story. This service allows you to take control over what people see when they look you up in search engines. You delete the bad and promote the good.


Productivity, Management and Outsourcing

Let’s face it, we can’t have 24 more hours in our days (wouldn’t that be awesome though?). The services from these sites have helped me shave off production hours so I can focus on the things that move the needle for my business.

Use the #1 productivity tool to maximize your efficiency and create systems that run your business for you.

Productivity Professor
Allow Scott Bradley, Evernote and productivity expert (The Productivity Professor), help you maximize your productivity and life output.

Fancy Hands
Get rid of those time sucker tasks and allow the super fast responding helpers at Fancy Hands free up your time.

Look for talented contractors that can work with your budget. Don’t forget to check their work and reviews! That’s the power of this website.


Scheduling System

This scheduling system syncs seamlessly with your Google Account! I love the interface and the user experience rocks!


Branded WordPress Templates

Check out these branded WordPress themes to help you get inspired and started with your web platform building (without starting from scratch). I look into these templates for ideas for wireframes, content strategy, visual brand strategy and copy. I must warn you, sometimes it takes a while to find “the one” but the time you lose searching for your theme, you will gain in the time it takes to set it up and get the business going!

Theme Forest

Template Monster

Elegant Themes


Web Design Inspiration

Whenever I have creative blocks, I visit these sites for inspiration on how I can push myself to the next level of designing, of creating website strategy, of creating innovative user experiences and just get the heck out of the damn box!

Be inspired by these award winning and top innovative websites from around the world

See the latest and the greatest websites of today’s most cutting edge companies.

Brand Essence TV: Love @ First Site
Watch this Brand Essence TV episode about how to have a brilliant homepage and make your audience fall in LOVE @ First Site.


My Web Developer Ninja

So you want to know my SECRECT WEAPON, eh? Well lucky you, I am a generous gal. ;) Souldier-preneur, meet David, my developer ninja extraordinaire!

David pretty much built most of the websites I’ve designed. He’s my right hand man. Not only is he highly skilled in creating custom web sites, he is experienced working with folks like us (yah know) visionaries, entrepreneurs, online marketers, creative and PASSIONATE people!



Website Optimization

Do you know how well your website is performing? These websites will help you see the amount of visits your website gets in a day/month/year, measure your metrics, like bounce rates, demographics, and other areas you can measure to make any necessary improvements.

Sumo Me

Similar Web

Google Analytics



Mobile Friendly Test
Did you know that since April 21st, 2015, Google has added a rule in its algorithm to rank mobile friendly websites higher than non-mobile friendly sites? This means that if your website is not mobile friendly, it’s highly possible that it will not show up on the front pages of Google searches! How do you know if your site is mobile friendly? Just click on the link to take the test!



Click Funnels
I can’t say enough about how much Click Funnels has helped my business. I’ve stopped using all the other lead page creators out there because CF does everything I need to share my value, automize my systems and create my sales funnels. I particularly love how well this platform creates custom designed pages, which I’m a stickler about! You can either start designing from scratch, which I usually do, or use their highly converting templates. This platform is empowering because it’s so easy to use!

At the moment, I am using Aweber to collect emails and manage my weekly newsletters. But I will SOON merge to Ontraport, as I’m hoping to systemize my business even more to keep moving forward, grow and automize automize automize!


Visual Branding

I would not be able to do what I do without tools and resources that become an extension of my body and creativity. That’s why I highly recommend these amazing soft wares, platforms and stock websites to help you translate your essence into content that educate and inspire your audience!

Brand Essence TV: How to make a mood board
Learn how to develop your visual branding by this fun exploration process.

Brand Essence TV: Visual Identity Design 101
Learn how to design your brand with graphics, fonts and colors and how to integrate them seamlessly with your website design.

FREE Fonts is my go-to site when it comes to selecting fonts for visual branding. Best of all, all the fonts are FREE!


Design Custom Graphics

These powerful tools will help you bring your vision to life. The platforms are easy to use, even someone with no experience designing can whip up graphics to use for the website, social media pages, and other marketing materials.

You can start using this platform for free and it has fabulously designed templates that you can easily modify.

Adobe Photoshop
Built to create simple to more complex designs, Photoshop offers endless possibilities for design outcomes.  This is an extension of my creativity and mind and has allowed me to create beautiful website designs and art pieces.


Video Editing

Want to build your brand through video? Use these applications to help you edit your videos to look professional and to tell your stories!

Adobe Premiere
Slice and dice up your video to spice up your story telling and create engaging content.

Adobe After Effects
Edit your videos and add some fancy animations to support your story telling!

Brand Essence TV
Watch how I’ve used these two applications to create the episodes of Brand Essence TV!


Video Hosting

I would not be able to do what I do without tools and resources that become an extension of my body and creativity. That’s why I highly recommend these amazing soft wares, platforms and stock websites to help you translate your essence into content that educate and inspire your audience!

It’s just so efficient and I love how you can customize the video players and create custom settings. 


Royalty Free Stock Videos, Images, Audio Files

Avoid spending money on a designer or creating design assets from scratch and download some of the most high end graphics from these sources.

Royalty Free Video Files: Video Hive

Royalty Free Audio Files: Audio Jungle

Royalty Free Vectors:


Royalty Free Stock Images

Shutter Stock

Getty Images

Graphic River

Photo Dune


Video Recording and Photography Equipment

I’m such a geek when it comes to video and photography equipment. And I have found the most deadly (and affordable) combination! Check out my collection and notes to help you maximize the use of these badass equipment!

Camera: CANON 70 D

What I use it for: Shoot my Brand Essence TV episodes and take DIY photos

Favorite feature: The autofocus feature has been a god send! I no longer need someone behind the camera to shoot me because this camera can track my face as the object to focus on. I can move without worrying that I’ll be out of focuse. I record all my episodes all by myself!

Lens: EF 50mm f/1.4

What I use it for: This is my favorite lens to record videos with because it has a nice depth of filed effect, which means it blurs out the background to give your videos a professional look.

Favorite feature: Though this lens doesn’t zoom, it is a very dependable lens to use for both shooting video and taking photographs.

Directional Mic: RODE Video Mic PRO

What I use it for: As an external mic to capture super clear sound for my videos.

Favorite feature: I love how I can attach this straight to my camera for close proximity shoots or also use it with a wireless system.

Wireless Mic: Samson Airline Macro 

What I use it for: To get that crystal clear sound from my external mic. This system is the second best quality to the highest selling mic in the market (the Sennheisser ) but sells for half the price.

Favorite feature: I love how small and efficient this system is. It’s like a ninja system because it’s so tiny, but works so much better than numbers of systems out there!


Studio Lighting & Backdrop

What I use it for: Photoshoots and Video Shoots. This is not the most professional kit you can buy, but it more than does the job and is super affordable.

Favorite feature: I love that I can leave the backdrop ready to use at anytime. It takes up little space and it’s so convenient to have.


Ring Light: Diva Ring Light

What I use it for: Extra lighting and to give me that heavenly even skin tone look.

Favorite feature: When a photo is taken from the middle of the right, it gives your eyes a dreamy look because of the ring reflection.



What I use it for: Extra lighting and to give me that heavenly even skin tone look.

Favorite feature: When a photo is taken from the middle of the right, it gives your eyes a dreamy look because of the ring reflection.



What I use it for: Nailing video scripts! There’s nothing wrong with reading off a teleprompter, as long as you don’t read like a robot of course! I spend hours working on my scripts before I record and I make sure that I make them conversational and playful. Using this tool helped me cut my production time by 2/3 !! No more 70 takes!

Favorite feature: I can use this with my iPad and an app that allows me to import my scripts, adjust the font color, size and movement speed. Yep! Ninja!!


Desktop USB Mic: Blue Yeti

What I use it for: Recording my video trainings.

Favorite feature: I love how I can simply change the settings to capture audio as one person, as two people or as a group! This thing is tiny, but super powerful! Best of all, it’s SUPER affordable!


Slide Presentation: PREZI

No more boring slides!!! (Thank you presentation Gods!)

Prezi is my go to platform to create super visual presentations that help tell my stories and teach in a more fun and engaging way!


Soulful Inspiration:

Be inspired and uplifted by these inspirational graphics and art pieces! Created by yours truly to feed your soul!

Uplift the SOUL. Ignite the PASSION. Mend the HEART. Be inspired and healed by these divine creations by yours truly.